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 The U3A (University of the Third Age) movement began at the University of Toulouse, France in 1973, and was subsequently launched in Cambridge, United Kingdom and this became the model for U3A in Australia. 

The term “University” is used in the original and medieval sense of an association or community of teachers and scholars, united in the pursuit of knowledge. 

In 1984, the U3A was founded in Melbourne, Victoria, and since then, the  movement has grown to 240 independent U3A groups in all States and Territories.  The U3A movement in Australia, per head of population, has the largest number of U3A groups in the world, and continues to expand.

Read our latest newsletter 

Despite being a part of a small community, THE DORRIGO PLATEAU U3A Incorporated,  continues to offer some rewarding and interesting courses. 


Following our Annual General Meeting on Saturday the 22nd April, there will be a Special General Meeting to approve the  revised constitution  which has the approval of the management committee, and is intended to comply with the new Associations NSW rules.


committee u3aThe Dorrigo Plateau University of the Third Age Incorporated,  [U3A], is a not-for-profit organisation, and is organised entirely by volunteers. These dedicated people look after the administration for the group, in setting up courses, sessions and workshops over a variety of interesting subjects.

Our voluntary tutors freely donate their time and are willing to share their skills and life experiences with members of the U3A group; this results in everyone learning for pleasure, both tutors and participants.



 The "University of the Third Age" or U3A, is open to anyone who wants to learn things, not for qualifications, but for the reward of learning and the joy of discovery.

  To take part in this exciting venture, you can become a member by applying for membership on the form you can download here; renew/apply for membership or you can pick up a form at the information centre in Hickory Street, Dorrigo.

Membership runs from January to December and is $25. 

As a member you are entitled to attend any courses you choose, but if you decide to attend a course or workshop, it is essential that you contact the tutor and register  for the course before attending; this is important because if a tutor thinks there are not enough participants for a course, seven days before the course begins, then the course may be cancelled.  

When attending a session, you will be asked to state your membership number, before the session begins.    

A small donation may be requested from participants in some courses to assist with the hire of venues.

If you become a member, and have a friend, not a member, who would like to attend a session with you, you may invite them, for one session only, after which they will be asked to become a member, if they wish to continue attending.

It's useful to know that Members of the Dorrigo Plateau U3A are also entitled to attend courses in other U3A groups without further payment. 

The tutor of the course can tell you about all this.


Our Second Term session schedule now available here.  Have a look at it now and book early!


Dorrigo Plateau U3A Discussion Forum

 The meeting on the 12th April was well attended, and the discussion turned on "The greatest moral problem facing Australia today".   Inequality was discussed as a probable problem around which all else turns.

Next meeting will be on the 26th April at 1.30pm The Food angel cafe.

Please let either Warren ( 0432 040 310) or Annefie (6657 2557) know if you intend to be there.


New Discussion Forum:

Following a recent meeting of this group, it was decided to split off the democracy discussion into a separate group, as the subject requires more attention. The object is to discuss what, and how, and if, true democracy could be introduced into Australia, and endeavour to sort out the attendant difficulties with this idea.

Interested?  Then email   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or contact Brian Magrath  6657 8068


NSW LogoIf you or someone you know would be prepared to tutor a course, workshop or session for the group, then please use the course proposal form in "services provided" section here,  pick up a form at the information centre on Hickory Street Dorrigo, or email us. For further details or enquiries, please contact the secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

        Have a look at our latest newsletter here: Newsletter             

Our Constitution has been updated to reflect the changes in the Associations Incorporations Act   2009 (Amended 2016) and the draft can be viewed  here. The approval of this new Constitution will be the subject of a Special General Meeting to be held on the same day as our A.G.M. the 22nd April 2017. If you wish to vote, and cannot attend the meeting, you can use the form of proxy which must be in the hands of the Secretary 24 hours before the meeting.  At the Special General Meeting the Chair will vote in favour of the new constitution, so you can give your proxy to him or her, to use on the day.  If you have any questions about this, please email the President at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..                   


Click on links below to view and/or download :

If you are interested in attending one of our courses, and you are not yet a member of the U3A, download and complete this renew/apply for membership and forward it to us as shown on the form.

If you are a prospective tutor, the Tutor Course Proposal 2017 form will let the U3A committee know about your course proposal

Tutors please use this attendance register to record attendance at each session.

                             There will be no session schedule for this first term of 2017, sessions on offer will be in the newsletter.

                                              You can also check at the Dorrigo Library and the Information Centre in Hickory Street, Dorrigo for these forms.