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It's time to ban "Shop Local"

shop local destination dorrigoAt last someone who is tackling the 'shop local' problem in a better way.

I am an advocate for shopping locally, and keeping money circulating locally as long as possible.

Simply campaigning to convince local customers to shop locally, just because the businesses are 'local', is doomed to fail.

My logic behind this statement is very simple; If locals are convinced to shop locally, businesses seem to slip into a state of apathy. They are getting local business so they don't have the impetus to improve their service and/or product quality, to innovate or change within a changing world. This will ultimately result in customers moving away from the 'shop local' mantra, taking their money out of town.

Instead of 'pushing' customers through the front door, with 'shop local', we need to 'pull' customers in with a fresh and dynamic approach from business owners.

Once we have a group of businesses collaborating in this way, and offering potential customers 'value', then it is time to resurrect the 'shop local' campaign. This will work as there will be something to offer them other than the 'warm fuzzy feeling' of supporting local business.

Our friend, Becky McCray, has done it again with a great new approach to the 'Shop Local' idea.  Go to the following link to read more....

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