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Holiday HERE This Year

Over the past few weeks and months, bushfires have torn through our communities. But, through the worst, we have seen the best of Australians. Generosity, resilience and a sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of each other that can only be described as mateship. And yet the challenge isn’t over.

destination dorrigo holiday here

As holidaymakers look elsewhere, the Australian communities who rely on tourism to thrive need our support. Tour guides. Restaurateurs. Cabbies. Dive instructors. Baristas. Hoteliers. Retailers. Artists… the list is endless. And most of them are good to go, ready for your visit. That’s why we’re asking everyone to get out there to see our beautiful country. Book a week or weekend away.

Revisit your favourite spot or discover somewhere new. There are beds aplenty at hotels, resorts and campsites. And locals just waiting to say ‘G’day’. See Australia. Our home. And support all the incredible people who live here.

Because now, more than any other time, Australia needs you to say, “I’m going to holiday here this year.”