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Key Dorrigo Attractions

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Dangar Falls picnic area

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Two kilometres north of Dorrigo town centre is Dangar Falls, a beautiful 30-metre waterfall set amidst scenic agricultural and dairy farmland. There's a car park, a viewing platform, picnic tables and an amenities block and a walking trail that leads you to the river at the bottom of the waterfall. The viewing platform offers a great vantage point and excellent photo opportunity of the falls.  There is also a beautiful labyrinth made from different coloured pavers.

The 10 minuite walking track to the bottom of Dangar Falls has been extensively restored with boardwalks and easy steps and rails.  The track passes through an old stand of Antarctic Beech trees Nothofagus moorei. These beauties used to cover Antarctica in its milder days, before its present iced-over state. As Gondwana broke apart 180 million years ago the Antarctic Beeches worked themselves up to more suitable climates.

Dangar Falls is signposted from Dorrigo town.

Griffiths Lookout

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Griffith Lookout, Dorrigo, on the other side of the Waterfall Way from Dorrigo National Park, offers some of the most superb views on the Coffs Coast.

You'll enjoy breathtaking wilderness views of the Great Dividing Range unfolding before you looking south.

To the east, you'll see the Pacific Ocean and, on clear days, right down to Kempsey some 100 kilometres away. Located among farms, the lookout point has an interesting interpretive display sign and picnic tables.

From Waterfall Way, turn into Maynard Plans Road near the Lookout Motor Inn and, after one kilometre, you'll see a sign on the left pointing to Griffiths Lookout, which is another four kilometres along, at the end of the road.

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The Waterfall Way

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The 191 kilometre Waterfall Way is one of the world's most scenic drives and recommended as a detour off the Pacific Coast Drive. The road winds upwards from the Pacific Highway from Coffs Harbour, through the delightfull town of Dorrigo, and on to Armidale on the New England Tablelands.

This breathtaking journey is the perfect way to experience the diversity of the changing landscape of the Great Dividing Range from the pristine coastal beaches climbing through lush tropical rainforest to the wide open plains of New England.

For more info on waterfalls and scenic drives go to our Self Drive Tours.

National Parks

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dorigo wonga walk 01Dorrigo National Park is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia, the name given collectively to over fifty remnant rainforests in New South Wales and South-eastern Queensland, protected and recognised with World Heritage status. Today these form the most extensive areas of diverse types of rainforest to be found anywhere on the globe. 

These Gondwana rainforests are our most visible living link with the ancient, pre-human world - an irreplaceable record of life on our planet. They were the cradle for evolution of most of Australia’s modern plant and animal species and therefore provide a window to both the past and the future.

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Key Dorrigo Events

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Dorrigo hosts a number of annual and other periodic events, exhibitions, festivals, markets and performances. We have endeavoured to offer updated information on the most popular local Destination Dorrigo events.

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Bird Watching

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With hundreds of recorded bird species, Dorrigo is a veritable bird lovers’ paradise.

If you’re interested in birds, you can download the Bellingen and Dorrigo birdwatching guide HERE, suggesting good places to go bird watching and explaining what species you may encounter along with the comprehensive list of all the species such as the eastern whip birds, satin Bower Birds, Lyrebirds, Bassian Thrush, and more.

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