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Parks and Gardens

The rainfall and the deep rich volcanic soils are factors that contribute to abundant growth of trees and shrubs in Dorrigo. Our civic forefathers have planted  public gardens and reserves. Many of these have walking and cycling tracks, tables and bbq facilities which are used by locals and visitors. All of our parks are beautiful serene areas maintained, with pride, by locals and Bellingen Shire Council gardeners and outdoor staff.

Passionate locals have established many private 'oases'. Several of these are occassionally open, whilst others are associated with Bed and Breakfast businesses.

Trooper Mark Donaldson VC Park

Trooper Mark Donaldson VC Park dorrigo

A park commemorates Trooper Mark Donaldson who was awarded the Victoria Cross (V.C.) for his actions in Afghanistan.

A shelter includes three panels outlining the history of the Victoria Cross, information about the conflict in Afghanistan, and the role of Special Air Service (SAS) troops there, plus one about Mark Donaldson himself and his connection with Dorrigo.

Pioneer Park

destination dorrigo Pioneer park Axeman

Centenary Park Memorial Gardens

destination dorrigo centenery park dorrgo


Coronation Park

destination dorrigo Coronation Park

Located on the northern end of Hickory Street, this small park includes a children's playground, toilets and an outside exercise gym.

A feature of this park is the large Tallowwood log (Pioneer Log) that plays testament to the importance of the timber industry to the development of the Dorrigo township and area. This log, it is said, has the volume of timber necessary to construct a timber worker's cottage and was located to the park as part of a service clubs contribution in the early 1970s.

Norm Johnsen Memorial Park

destination dorrigo norm johnsen park 01A beautiful park on the western side of Waterfall Way as you enter Dorrigo from the East.

The park is edged by a stunning row of magnolias and contains a diverse range of native and introduced species.

The park is named in honour of Norm Johnsen who worked tirelessly for the Bellingen Shire and Dorrigo in particular in the establishment and maintenance of many parks and gardens.