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Destination Dorrigo Inc. Presidents Report & Timeline Updates

discover experieceFrom its inception, in September-2015,  Destination Dorrigo Incorporated volunteers have worked very hard to promote the Dorrigo Plateau as a Destination.

A formal and clear strategy of Destination Marketing & Management was, and will remain, the key focus for all volunteers.  Developing key, achievable goals has provided a platform for success, clearly evident in the following timeline of achievements.

These achievements have not come easily.  Behind these milestones there has been an extraordinary and constant effort that has consumed the valuable time of our members. Time that has been willingly given by volunteers who passionately believe in our town.

Our volunteers have displayed a level of dedication and drive they should be very proud of.  Without this level of dedication small towns like Dorrigo bear the threat of a downward spiral into social and economic decay. 

We simply cannot rely on government and non government organisations to provide prosperity for our communities.  Sustainability initiatives are also not to be relied upon.  They imply that we want the status-quo to prevail and, therefore, logically we will decline.  Prosperity for our community must, initially at least, come from the community itself. Prosperity grows from the 'ground up' and not from 'top down'.

We have all made economic and social investments in our town.  The only way to protect these investments is to be collaboratively involved in making our town prosper.

It is not difficult to conclude, then, that WE are the ones who can, and must, make the difference.

If you would like to be part of the team and help grow our community please CONTACT US.


Destination Dorrigo Progress Timeline


Destination Dorrigo an ATDW Success Story

Destination Dorrigo was recently published as an Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW) Success Story. The team at Destination Dorrigo Inc. were invited to submit a Case Study, to the ATDW, to identify the success of their on-line promotion of the events and attraction posted over the past year. The case study was welcomed by the ATDW and has been published on the ATDW corporate website at: Destination Dorrigo is calling on all Business & Community groups to make full use of this FREE service by the ATDW.

Local Artists Profile Project

Finally, we have colaberation between the Arts Council of The Dorrigo and Destination Dorrigo to add local artists profiles to the web database. These data are being loaded onto the database and shared on social media as they happen. Once we have the majority of artists loaded, the profiles will be bundled and shared on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse as a major attraction for the Dorrigo area.
Feb-2017 to Nov-2017

Website SEO Strategy continues to attract increasing traffic due to SEO and Social Media Marketing initaitives.

Fourth Brochure Launch - Arts Postcard

Destination Dorrigo Inc. announced the release of the final, of four, Destination Marketing brochures. This one is in the form of an Arts Postcard. A partnership between DDInc. and The Arts Council of the Dorrigo, this 'brochure' will, it is hoped, pass through at least two hands over a wider area.

Third Brochure Launch - Birds in the Dorrigo Area

Destination Dorrigo Inc. announced the release of the third, of four, Destination Marketing brochures. Birds in the Dorrigo Area features a comprehensive list of bird species that call Dorrigo and surrounds home. Images in this brochure were shot within the Dorrigo area.

Second Brochure Launch

Destination Dorrigo Inc. announced the release of the second, of four, Destination Marketing brochures - Dorrigo Heritage Walking Trail .

First Brochure Launched

Destination Dorrigo Inc. announced the release of the first, of four, Destination Marketing brochures - Dorrigo Explore and Experience. Close to 10,000 copies distributed throughout the North Coast & New England regions.

Grant from FRRR

Successful grant application. FRRR granted DDInc. $4,500 for the provision and distribution of four promotional brochures.

On-Line content reaches 200+ directory entries plus ~1,500 articles.

Destination Dorrigo on-line Directory reaches 200+ local business & community entries. Together with more than 1,500 unique informational articles on the website, this presents the only, all inclusive and comprehensive view of Dorrigo to website users.

Website Compliance with WCAG Guidelines

Destination Dorrigo website compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. WCAG is developed through the W3C process in cooperation with individuals and organisations around the world, with a goal of providing a single shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, organisations, and governments internationally. Our website can be managed and observed by vision impaired and dyslexic people.

Shire Draft Economic Development & Tourism Plan

Destination Dorrigo Inc. responds to, and made constructive and positive comments on, the Bellingen Shire Economic Development Plan 2015-2020. No other submissions were sent from Dorrigo on this subject.

Dorrigo RV Friendly Town

Destination Dorrigo was successful in its application, to the Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia, to classify Dorrigo as an Recreational Vehicle Friendly Town,

Launch Dorrigo History Project

Collaboration between Destination Dorrigo and the Dorrigo Museum has provided access to a wide range of historical images and text which the Historical Society has collected and collated. Whilst over 5000 images have been uploaded to the website, plans are in place for all of this valuable information to be available to view on the website.

Secured Sponsorship Funding

Destination Dorrigo Inc. secured ongoing sponsorship from a leading Dorrigo Business - Ray White Real Estate, Dorrigo.

Website Launch

'' was launched as a FREE, all inclusive, Tourism, business & community website aimed at providing Destination Dorrigo Inc. with a comprehensive Resource Audit database to 'kick-start' our Destination Marketing plans. The ultimate intent is to develop and maintain the first FREE TO ALL website for the Dorrigo Plateau for the benefit of locals, visitors and tourists alike.

Development of Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan development based on Destination Dorrigo Inc.'s primary role as a Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO) with a focus on Destination Management and Marketing (DMM).
05 - September - 2015

Destination Dorrigo Inc. Started

Destination Dorrigo Incorporated was registered with the clear focus on marketing Dorrigo as a 'destination' to the rest of the world.

About Destination Dorrigo

Destination Dorrigo is a free directory website showcasing all there is to offer on the Dorrigo Plateau.  This site contains information on Accommodation, Local Businesses, Tourism, and our local Community Organisations as well as information on experiences and events which makes Dorrigo your destination. The website is an initiative of Destination Dorrigo Inc. and forms part an all-inclusive Destination Marketing Strategy. Click HERE to view our progress timeline.