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John Newstead Artist

Dorrigo New South Wales
02 6657 1378
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I have come to the awareness that art is a visual process of the mind, and the amount of subject matter is endless.

It is not the actual “Art product” that is the concern for me but the visual and practical process I go through to create it.

Contemplation is a large part of this process and for me it is that “still point” you reach during the execution of an artwork. The point where, nothing else matters in the world except what you are doing. Right there, in the now!

The now is, the eternal moment.

I believe that touch, gesture and spontaneity, if practiced enough will point to a strong reflection of my imagination. This expression is the cornerstone of my work and permeates it at every mark, wash and means of reduction. For I have a long history of drawing technique in store.

My work can be appreciated by approaching it with the spirit of contemplation and in that way the obscurity will dissipate more and more with every viewing making them more and more familiar.

It takes time to appreciate an art work and time is what most people don’t have these days.

These works for me are abundant with those eternal moments, for every mark and wash is done with intent whether I can explain it away or not.

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Dorrigo New South Wales

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