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Repton Public School

0 River Street, Repton 2454, New South Wales, Australia
02 6655 4201
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The wider community supports and values our school and enriches the learning experiences for students through its involvement in a range of academic, sporting and creative programs. The school is committed to ensuring the positive development of each child physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and spiritually within a school environment where every child is encouraged to achieve their best. In its endeavour to improve outcomes for all students, the school provides quality teaching and learning programs, recognises cultural diversity, encourages academic excellence, develops social skills and encourages creativity.Repton Public School is committed to promoting lifelong learning for all.
The school's purpose is to ' nurture the whole child, physically, emotionally, academically and socially; whilst providing the opportunity for all students to achieve and work towards realising their potential as learners and world citizens.'
Repton Public School's vision statement, 'delivering quality teaching and learning opportunities for every student' underpins and directs the school's purpose.
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0 River Street, Repton 2454, New South Wales, Australia
02 6655 4201
02 6655 4570