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The Preventatists Incorporated

Dorrigo New South Wales
02 6657 8068
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The Preventatists Incorporated is  a registered  Australian Charity intended to Promote the Prevention or Control of Diseases in Human Beings and Advancing Education. Endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient , (DGR),  by the Australian Taxation Office

We are also a registered  Not-for-Profit Association in New South Wales.

The Preventatists Incorporated is managed entirely by volunteers.





Upcoming Events:

October 4th 2018 Next workshop in Dunedoo at 6.30pm 

If you would like to hold a similar event please contact us at:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Have Idea....will travel..

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Donating to our Charity:


Our DGR status means that :

The majority of gifts made to our charity are tax deductible.   Australian tax laws state what types of gifts are tax deductible in our case; for instance:

* Monetary gifts of $2 or more;
* Property (including trading stock and shares) purchased by the donor in the past 12 months;
* Trading stock disposed of outside the ordinary course of business;
* Property (including shares) valued by the ATO at $5,000 or less;
* Shares listed in a public company valued at $5,000 or less held by the donor for at least 12      months.

So, when you feel charitable, we would be very happy to accept gifts which would help us to promote this valuable and much needed work!

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   Members of  The Preventatists:

    Members support the charitable endeavour of this Charity, and by association with other like-minded folk find that they can maintain their own health and wellbeing by attending regular workshops to strengthen their health and well-being.



 Mens meeting


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 What is Preventatism?

Preventatism promotes good health by preventing the incoming distresses, (IDs),  of life from becoming stress and inducing ill-health.  These IDs are inevitable and unavoidable to every person alive today. Because of the way we live now, those IDs are becoming vast and destructive, and Preventatism is a sure-fire method to defend against them becoming stress and causing ill-health.

Learn more on our website here


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What is "Good Health" ?

So..... what is "Good Health" ?

Preventatists think that the definition of good health is this:

Good health simply means that a person who is healthy is always able to do the things they want to do, when and how and where they want to do them, and not prevented from doing so by the intervention of any disability or disorder.

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What are "Incoming Distresses"?

Incoming distresses, (IDs), arise from many sources during a life, and they are only potentially dangerous to a person if that person does not take steps to defend themselves against them. IDs can be from within ourselves or be engendered by others.
IDs are inevitable and unavoidable, because they are about life and living it.


Grief: the loss of something;
Being bullied as in a young person among its peers, or someone being otherwise harrassed, for example at the workplace by someone who has some form of controlling power over another person;
Frustration at some event;
Regret or remorse over an event;
Witnessing an event which is outside the normal confines of one’s experience, as in a police officer, soldier or similar;
Anxiety or apprehension about an event to come;


....the list goes on......


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What is STRESS?

Preventatists understand stress in a slightly different way to generally held beliefs because of the manner in which we approach it.

The Preventatists definition of psychological stress :
"Psychological stress is the unnecessary, random, chaotic spasmodic, unnatural and automatic reaction of a human body when exposed to imagined dangers in the form of undefended incoming distresses or IDs".

Psychological stress results in conditions of imbalance and unwellness of the mind and body but Psychological stress cannot, of itself, cause disease or disorder, in the strict sense of those words, but it lays the foundations for disorders to erupt in the individual by making changes in the mind and body. 

We say:    “Don’t have unprotected distress”

(Oxidative stress occurs when an oxygen molecule splits into single atoms with unpaired electrons, which are called free radicals.
If a body’s systems fail to re-balance and detoxify the harm caused by the production of free radicals, unwellness can result. The body needs to counteract the effects of these through neutralisation by antioxidants.
We believe that the processes in a body which can do this successfully are adversely affected by the havoc that results from stress, or undefended IDs.
It has been suggested that premature ageing may be a result of this chaos.
Preventatism can aid the body in providing the proper production, use and control of the chemicals involved in the healthy defence against oxidative stress).

A broken arm, is a physically as well as a psychologically stressful event.
The bones of the break may need outside assistance to bring them together so that they can heal.

Our bodies will try to heal without such assistance but in doing so may leave unusable limbs.
Psychological stress resulting from the circumstances of the damage however, can hinder the repair process, and needs to be curtailed.   Preventatism does this.

Preventatists have a list  of Stress-related disorders or  S.R.D.s;  some of these are:

Depression;   Diabetes;    Cancer;   Chronic fatigue syndrome;   Irritable bowel syndrome;   Skin and hair conditions;   Atrial fibrillation;   Coronary heart disease;   Cardiac arrest;
Arthritis;   Asthma;   Chronic allergies ;   High or low blood pressure;   Parkinson's Disease, Viral and bacterial infections; and many more....!

"All distress, or imaginary danger, is potentially dangerous to human health and well-being. Stress is never "good for you" !

“If Distress wins, we all lose; if Distress is beaten, we win all”

 You can get a list of recent studies relevant to our endeavours.. click here to see


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 .....think about this.......:

These figures are the approximate costs of three human disorders each year, in Australia:

            CANCER:                4,500,000,000   (Cancer Council Australia)
             DEPRESSION:     12,600,000,000    (Beyond Blue)
             DIABETES:            6,570,000,000    (Colaiguri et al., 2009a)
                                       $ 23,670,000,000

                     i.e. Twenty-three and a half billion dollars + !  Each year....!
These figures are said to exclude those costs that the individual has to bear.

Now, suppose that we are right in our claim that Preventatism can prevent these three diseases.
Suppose we are right in only one percent of cases.

The saving to the Australian economy could be in the order of.....

                             $236,700,000  a year.

That is a big saving in anyone's book! 

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Studies that back up Preventatism:

If you would like to see some selected study outcomes that underpin what we say, Click here .  Preventatism defends the individual against the effects that Incoming Distresses can have on a life, if they are allowed to turn into stress.

 All people experience the incoming distresses of life.

Those people whose lives are stable and relatively healthy right now, may more readily receive this philosophy because they have those IDs under some kind of control, therefore if they have Preventatism in their armory to defend them when life becomes more brutal, they will benefit by not having stress interfere with their wellness. 

In the case of children and young people, Preventatism represents a lifetime benefit !

The techniques in Preventatism should be learned and used while life is easy and normal. It then becomes valuable when the need arises to defend against incoming distresses. 

It is true that over the past twenty years or so, Preventatism has helped  many of those people who suffer from an SRD, but the technique of delivery to them is more therapy than philosophy, and can take a little longer to be used.

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Our Website:


On our website (click here)  you will find an imaginative story of human history, which we think explains much of the inexplicable human behaviour we see around us today.


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